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Over the past several decades, being a man has changed drastically. While “being a man” has always been a complex and complicated prospect, it has become more and more difficult to “be a man” in the modern world.

In today’s world, having a penis is no longer required to be a man. No Y chromosome requirement here.

And that has left us simple men, well… confused.

We aren’t as simple a sex as we might like to think or that our female counterparts might have us believe. However, we can frequently be picked out in a crowd by visiting aliens.

We’re the ones who drive too fast, spend far too much time explaining how big our penises are and making excuses for why we didn’t last as long as we normally do.

We will be publishing items here that unapologetically speak to men. If you like cars, money, women, sports, sex, and not necessarily in that order, be sure to follow this page.




For men. By men. No apologies.

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Mr. Man

Mr. Man

For men. By men. No apologies.

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